The Manhood 2017 Team is excited to invite you to Manhood 2017 on 10-12 November in the beautiful Numinbah Valley.

Come as you are – BEING. Share your passions with other men, or rediscover parts of you that you have lost or just lie simmering, awaiting a creative spark.

And then get into a state of “flow” – of optimal existence & experience when time stands still or runs away with you… where you are totally present & in the moment.

Experience the BELONGING that always happens when men connect in a setting away from their usual day to day lives, where men can truly be themselves without judgment & competition.

There will be workshops that are engaging, where you will be enthused & energized, where you will be encouraged to find your passions & how to use them to live, really live!!

It is about discovery & maintenance: of BECOMING a better man.

You will be part of a solid & inclusive community that will continue long after the weekend is over. There is something for every man, whether it’s your first or tenth time.

We look forward to welcoming you to Manhood 2017,
Numinbah Valley, Gold Coast Hinterland on Fri – Sun 10-12 November.

For further details: Robert AH-HOON (0419 727 293)

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What Do Men Say About Manhood

It's better than a holiday, I’m totally refreshed and energised.
I lost a shit load of baggage and feel so much lighter and happier after Manhood.
I learnt so much from other men.
All men should know there are other men out there that care.